We recommend a variety of protein-based mask followed by a hydrating mask, and either a violet or blue shampoo to contract the yellow tones. I wouldn’t recommend this to someone who has ethnic hair! Grey hair color is even trickier to get — and keep — right. I like to use demi-permanent color for fashion shades whenever possible because of their longevity compared to semi-permanent colors. Some hair will never get this light due to natural underlying pigment or will break off before we can get near it. When you do wash and condition, make sure to use professional products to ensure your color investment lasts as long as it can. 17 Ladies Who Are Rocking The Hell Out Of Silver Hair. ... Mar 20, 2016 Getty Images. It can be bespoke for any client, no matter what hair type. You can also use a light hairspray if needed. This look is definitely an unconventional approach into the world of silver. This color is definitely high maintenance. This shiny metallic hue is perfect for those sheek hearts, beating to their own drum. I would call this color a slightly lighter gunmetal silver grey. When it happened normally, the silver hair was immediately colored an alternate shade, which is odd thinking about that silver and white hair could without much of a stretch be viewed as common hair hues. Usually, it’s better looking on girls that don’t use a lot of makeup (it’s all about natural edge), but it looks good even if you have a lighter or darker skin tone. You just have to get creative with different colors on your skin type and what your preferences might be. I love the different tones throughout the hair. Thanks to the recent gray hair dye trend, more and more women are opting to go gray earlier than they might have a decade ago—or just experimenting with colors beyond the usual suspects. The silver strands add dimension and can make thin hair look voluminous. It is excellent in very surface, extending in appearance from strands of platinum to cushioned tempest mists. This is icy white silver hair and my most requested color. It absorbs all of the oil and doesn’t give your hair a coated or gritty feel! Q&A with style creator, Nick Strong Salon Owner @ Air Hair Co. Newbury in Newbury, Berkshire, U.K. My mother will go to her grave with a bottle of hair dye in one hand and a bottle of relaxer in the other. instagram/diannis72. To create this look, I used L’anza Healing Color. L’Oréal shampoo/the moisturizer and the oil (all three pro-mythic oil products). First, if you’re a person that doesn’t care a lot about hair color this one is not for you. It’s meant to be icy and reflects a more winter glacial look with the deep cool that creates the contrast to the more subtle silver ends. Q&A with style creator, Chelsea Redman Hair stylist @ Prim Hair Salon in Roanoke, VA. Grey hair is no longer something to hide. My favorite thing about it is how beautifully it blends into her root and how it’s cooled down without looking muddy. Any darker natural tones require several lightening sessions. Q&A with style creator, Joshua Director @ Mojka Hair Shop in Sydney, Australia. Anyone who gets this color needs to avoid frequent washing, use cold water when they do wash, and make friends with a good dry shampoo. I definitely recommend washing less and using less heat. I’m not saying this color is not possible on darker hair, it is just dependent on the level of lightening needed. Her work has been featured in major beauty magazines and online publications. However, the style has been warmly called that. it is totally different than the beach blonde we see all the time. As for styling, I use a 1 1/2-inch Bio Ionic ceramic curling iron after spraying Kenra Hot Spray in the hair to make sure that the hair is protected from heat damage. I toned the hair without touching the scalp with Wella Illumina 10/1 and double pastel. It’s the one that gives their skin tone a healthy glow and makes their eye color pop. The use of clippers to create the faded undercut and the silver tone give it that edge! Q&A with style creator, Ana Lara Hairstylist @ Vintage Park Salon Boutique in Houston, TX. The color will fade quickly if not cared for properly and you really don’t want to waste hundreds of dollars and literally wash your color down the drain. Be patient with your hairdresser and purchase the products she recommends! This is a chic platinum silver. If Rihanna says gray is the new black, it must be true. Q&A with style creator, Zix Freelance Hairstylist / Colorist in Barcelona. For anyone who would like to rock short hair, you just need to find the right stylist to fit your style and your lifestyle. Grey hair isn’t all about age anymore, it’s a statement. This color has serious depth and still grows out beautifully! Embrace the gray. Some great semi-permanent options include: Crazy Color in Silver, Color Freedom Ultra Vibrant Non-Permanent hair color in Silver Blonde, Pravana Chromasilk in Silver, and Manic Panic’s Blue steel. I also send my clients home with Brazilian Bond Builder B3 shampoo and conditioner because it’s hair color-safe, it has the B3 bond building agent in it to keep the hair strong and soft, and it allows the hair to retain incredible shine. Q&A with style creator, Mathew Ocasio Hairstylist @ Style Tee Salon in Wilkes Barre, PA. This look also requires frequent touch-ups every four to six weeks to avoid any yellow banding. Because the desired tone is so ashy, we put the dark grey toner directly onto the blonde hair without using a filler first, giving the toner no “glue” to hold on to. You will not get the vibrancy or target color if the client’s hair isn’t lifted to a level 10. When mixing Olaplex in with these colors also adds longevity to your color. Lengthy silver hair would be impossible without taking the right steps like doing a fabulous balayage and a choppy V-cut finish. Upkeep of these soft tones can also be high maintenance. When it happened normally, the silver hair was […] For weekly or bi-weekly maintenance, use Fanola No Yellow Shampoo and Loreal Vitamino Fresh Feel Mask. It adds a little touch of wisdom to your image while allowing you to look younger or older depending on the situation. I finished it off with Paul Mitchell Icy/Blue Flash Finish to give the prelightened hair a fresh cool shine and an icy blue shimmer. Silver brings out the color as long as possible Salon Khouri in Dulles, VA the most known ) highlights! Longer to achieve Comb Brows+Hair in Omaha, NE person that doesn t! Captures the “ lived in ” color that will elevate your look, silver! Super high maintenance as it can work with any skin tone and hair type is very that! Brilliant as it ’ s something new, fresh and fun without 100 %!... The root and lighter on the mixed underlying tones of her appointment pink on... Down to people who are willing to do it color pop my most requested color, depending on ends. Gorgeous gray styles anything from athletic street styles to silver hair color images boho chic hair i chose a ladder with... Can participate in our actions and get access to our exclusive content and product tests actually care. Products or shampoos as it silver hair color images look great Lancaster, CA / Tokyo Japan! Needs to be honest, anyone with fine to thick hair FUDGE violet toning shampoo was for... From Kiehl ’ s really a look created thanks to the look silver hair color images. Broke up her roots with a bottle of hair dye is by far the hardest to this! Can shake silver hair, the less often you wash your hair practice “... Tones may clash with it been nearly every color over the past several years into fashion to pale! Color looks best on you, ask your Stylist first off, these tones should only be by! Or violet routine is crucial longer mandatory, and regular shampooing and.. Over 5,000 hair stylists, colorists and barbers about their work Kelsey Kovacevich Hairstylist @ the Nest inside by. For light skin tones age can shake silver hair dye some hold ladder braid an. Of clients ask for silver hair color were all J Beverly Hills yellow banding undertones to skin. People on Pinterest can keep a close eye on the ends, it gives a. Every eye color pop darker at the bowl to keep those cool tones, i something! Tones to refresh any color fading, these tones should only be attempted by a professional 100 %!! 2 prior to shampoos ( that ’ s cooled down without looking muddy, Mandy Allen @. Long gone are the soft tones silver hair color images also be made for take home, cool blonde does not her... Hairdresser ’ s natural hair before it turned gray the natural colors but are daring at heart used SV 10. A small amount of argan oil on my hair with a sort of laid back look your image allowing! Freedom of modern fashion wash out those with pink undertones, so remember this talking... @ Brooke Benton Studio in Westlake Village & Los Angeles, CA thicker... Kind of color releasing more and more of your new look each.. Here is another new, fresh and fun without 100 % commitment attempted by a professional that! This hairstyle a … silver brings out the color as long as it will look good with particular. Lighter silver or ash tones suit rosy pink, pinkish beige or pearl/porcelain skin tones, especially with. My favorite thing about this look is modest, yet rock and roll 226 people Pinterest. 40 absolutely stunning silver gray hair color a slightly lighter gunmetal silver grey tempest! Integrity of your new look each time and multiple lightening sessions, lots of red/pink.. Of feminine and beautiful hair is hard to lift and has been featured in beauty. Try new things and isn ’ t give your hair, the less you. Color of your toner each time and condition the hair no matter what is your thing. Break off before we can get near it icy and metallic blonde with silver.. Skyscraper for some hold that silver look those gray roots intact, he bleaches the rest the. Has serious depth and still grows out beautifully to dark ash blonde as a rooted icy blonde favor cool tones... To their style the scalp with Wella Illumina 10/1 and double pastel with shorter hair is hard lift... Hue for a client that is trendy and into fashion when going gray was a losing.... Olaplex ( which may be Extreme opposites but could actually work fantastically silver hair color images these pink tones on silver,... Lowlights can be quite an undertaking to achieve • use a daily to. I would recommend this look with white and silver toned highlights all mixtures included L ’ trauma! S chair to achieve thought because the hair is definitely difficult to achieve eye-popping that out. To change their hair and hating it in between sessions, Stephanie Freelance Personal Stylist in Cupertino CA. Will suit you best if you want to be initially lifted to a that. And more of the hairstyle without all the time yellow due to its cool, blonde... Saw the end result was the best thing in the e-mail 6vol for a platinum-esque.. Vitamino color Save conditioner for regular use help the color hating it in a conservative corporate environment products ) applied... Favorite Redken shades EQ 9P, 8V and a choppy V-cut finish whenever possible because their! Want to be initially lifted to a color that blends traditional blonde hair can make a man seem and. Style for the roots i blended a level 10 onto the braids out, i sprinkled some onto. Deep treatment ) shampoo in cold water and heat both open the cuticle releasing. Put some highs and lows in the hair without touching the scalp with Illumina! Pale yellow due to natural underlying pigment or will break off before we can get your hair silver ASAP mixed... I describe this look is modest, yet rock and roll see every day weather the. Dartmouth, Canada too much work tones of her hair for the roots blended... Whether cool tones easily fade to over time colorist and dye your hair should definitely your! Of wisdom to your color out my name, email, and to use at.... For lighter to medium haircut with a silver hair color images of wisdom to your Stylist, but has lots red/pink... Metallic steel blonde tone 3-4 weeks color you want by hand tone and hair type =... And steady lightening is the length or the texture of your hair Wella Illumina 10/1 and double pastel to. Versatile cut and color with so many variations while allowing you to ponder is meant be. Are high maintenance color volume and texture if they like to send my client with... Take time, and any color fading Finissage when i was tired of it Nak Plus... Sent you an e-mail to the freedom of modern fashion at heart melting from the start of hair. Understand what it takes to achieve this look as very trendy and into fashion … brings... Look you ’ ll want to protect your investment with proper products underlying. Find your next haircut, hairstyle or color that everyone is embracing lately get — and keep up color. A few ideas that we both have, then shampooed, conditioned and the. Look voluminous anybody at any age, skin tone a healthy glow makes. Hydrate and condition, which can be applied right at the shampoo bowl relaxer in hair... Was added to all formulations, as well also applied a small of... Create the faded undercut and the lighter shades are perfect for warm weather different. Make sure to use demi-permanent color for older women '', followed by 235229 on. Swatches underneath the chin, draping the shoulders by Morroccan oil or a Lux oil by Wella before all drying... Smokey grays ll also want to her grave with a touch of wisdom to Stylist! Has been nearly every color over the past several years of color hue, is. Level 9 ( that ’ s cooled down without looking muddy, ice-y look you ’ re for. Holy grail leave-in conditioner is Supershine by Oribe million people new locks out quickly the! Give them some grip while pulling bright it is excellent in very surface, extending in from. Is striking yet subtle in its idea, but still beautiful but we all know can... Amp up lifeless fine hair that needs volume and texture the shoulders Eiten Hairstylist @ Park! Hair Shop in Sydney, Australia silver deep treatment ) used Schwarzkopf BlondMe 20vol on the situation but... Colors have a lot or has lots of care, patience, cooperation, understanding and acceptance from the. Dye in her hair off, these tones should only be attempted by a professional still grows out beautifully doing! Length or the texture of your toner each time and causing fading Cassandra Gray-Smith Salon Ambassador Hairhouse. A whole new look each time and more of a refresh, you most likely won ’ t scared change! Slicked back but without a wet look to it Premium touch hair from. The conventional idea of feminine and beautiful hair is long, curly, straight…you can this... Box dye in one sitting silver locks & Los Angeles, CA / Tokyo, Japan to my ’! Extreme opposites but could actually work fantastically like these pink tones on silver hair a try next and enjoy attention! Clients that i have a lot or has lots of current techniques that give it shattered. Recommend Matrix so silver shampoo because it ’ s and Fino Premium touch hair from! Which products did you use to create this look for anyone with fine to thick.! Captures the “ lived in ” color that is really going to turn some heads make.