Marion Williamson was born in 1866 to an unknown mother and an unnamed alcoholic father. Bill takes part in Uncle's stagecoach robbery along with Arthur and Charles. The pin which holds the side of Bill's hat up in. Bill is one of the gang members who Dutch sends to track down Arthur if he has spent a long time away from the camp. Unbeknownst to John, Bill had allied himself with the Colonel. It is unknown if he was born with this or developed it over time due to society. Bill first appears after the gang has settled into their temporary camp in Colter, where he gets into a heated argument with Micah. Considering how his life went downhill each time he lost an authority figure - after the death of his father, after his discharge and after the collapse of the gang - it is clear that he relies on someone else to direct his life for him, and he isn't an independent person. Bill recounts one time when he was robbed by a cross-dressed posing as a woman. Williamson can then be killed by John from this point onwards, until he reaches for Allende’s revolver, where, if the player still doesn’t react, Bill will instead be shot and killed by Reyes. All of them except Javier manage to escape with the help of Hercule Fontaine, allowing Bill rest with the others at La Capilla. Back to Gomorrah," where Bill Williamson leads a heist on the Valentine Bank. The Williamson gang is a group of outlaws led by Bill Williamson, featured in Red Dead Redemption. After the bodyguards are dispatched, the stagecoach comes to halt and Allende betrays Bill, pushing him out and pinning him to the ground, attempting to trade Bill’s life for his own. Bill is the least successful in his task, as he uncovers no usable leads while the other three men do. I'm replaying and just finished one of the game's finest missions, "Sodom? Bill joins up with the assault against the kidnappers' manor. After saving Bonnie, John plans a raid on Fort Mercer to deal with Bill Williamson, and recruits seven townspeople to help in exchange for doing missions for them first. Bill survived the Pinkerton ambush, and escaped with the rest of the gang into the snowy Grizzlies in North Ambarino, near the abandoned town of Colter. Bill was always afraid of suffering the same fate. As well as this, Bill is also present in the attack on Angelo Bronte's mansion. Rather than coming across as fierce or intimidating, he only read as the gang’s fool thanks to being the butt of their jokes. Bonnie calls him the "worst bandit in the county”. The hunt for Bill Williamson serves as the impetus for the game's plot and is the central motivating factor throughout the first and partially second act. Just like John is a complete dick to every single person you meet, and in rdr2 hes got a sense of humor and softens up a huge amount so hes more relatable Bill is deputized by Sheriff Leigh Gray, along with Arthur and Dutch. Following the refinery incident, Bill also takes part in the train robbery and rides after the locomotive with the rest of the gang after it fails to stop. He is described as an utterly ruthless and violent man driven by greed and ambition. Notable Owners Bill Williamson. They seize the stagecoach and flee while fending off pursuing lawmen. Nicknames Accompanied by Tilly Jackson and Arthur, they manage to make off with a large amount of cash. A shootout ensues, and Williamson's right hand man, Norman Deek, is captured. The pair were put into the Protection of the local state government. Bill Williamson Has A Big SECRET That Almost Nobody Knows About In Red Dead Redemption 2! John and Marshal Johnson ride to the Farm to clear out the gang members and save the survivors. Bill became ruthless, power-hungry, greedy, self-serving and amoral. Later, Dutch goes into semi-retirement and eventually Willi… Javier then asks Arthur to go help free him. In Story Missions. Bill, however, escapes once more with the help of another former partner of John's, Javier Escuella. According to the creator, these images were created (by using the in-game Photo Mode) as an homage to the original after completing the Game of the Year edition of the first Red Dead Redemption 100%. Often, some bounty hunters may capture Bill. Eventually they are ready for the attack, which goes smoothly resulting in almost the entire gang being wiped out. He and Tilly argue constantly during the excursion, only ending when Bill abandons all attempts at stealth and attacks the stagecoach directly with Arthur, which they do successfully. No more Dutch, and no more you! Gender Unbeknownst to the gang, the lies which got some of them deputized are realized by Sheriff Gray, and previous tangles with the Gray family result in a disastrous job - Bill, Sean, Arthur and Micah are called in by the Gray to Rhodes under the guise of offering more work, but this turns out to be a trap. The characters who failed to find redemption are those who became consumed with greed or paranoia, disregarding those around them for their own selfish benefits. He seems to be missing some teeth and although he is not bald, he has receding hair. The others succeed in rescuing bill and killing the Sheriff, but the losses are clear. Related: Why RDR2's Main Actor Had To Wear Boots To His Audition. Bill Williamson is voiced by Steve J. Palmer, an American actor. The total take was about $10,000 for the gang and over $2750 for Arthur alone. 1 Description 2 Catalogue Description 3 Coat styles 4 Special variants 4.1 Brown Jack 4.2 War Horse 5 Video Overview 6 Trivia 7 Gallery 8 References 9 Navigation Ardennes are well-built war horses. He later says how he hated the event. He turned to alcohol and crime, living one day to the next as a petty robber and highwayman. Some time afterwards, Dutch goes into semi-retirement and Williamson established his own gang whom resided in Fort Mercer in Texas. Bill is among those members who storm the bank itself, and helps in the shootout with the law enforcement officers as they escape with the score. Even though Allende promised to deliver Escuella and Williamson to Marston, Allende instead betrayed him and attempted to have him killed. By 1911 (if not before) he has formed his own gang, eventually moving to New Austin and occupying Fort Mercer, which was previously the domain of the Del Lobos. He lived rough for the next two years or so, drinking heavily and robbing people on the highway. By 1911, if not before, he and his gang are the last true group of outlaws operating in the New Austin area and are feared throughout the region. Despite the attack being beaten back, the gang realized that can't stay in that location any longer. [1] Bill's father was an alcoholic who slowly lost his mind due to his excessive drinking, notably mixing whiskey with moonshine. Prior to the gang being disbanded, the relationship between John and Bill had already deteriorated. Bill became one of the gang's gunmen, partaking in a series of crimes across the American frontier. This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of Sodom? Chapter 2; Screenshots ... RDR2 & Red Dead Online Horses Database & Statistics. At the beginning of the mission, the Van der Linde gang is clearly no more, with Dutch, Bill Williamson, Javier Escuella and the traitor Micah on one side, and Arthur and John, who's been left to die by Dutch himself during a prior mission, on the other. Description. He lived rough for the next year or so, drinking heavily and robbing people on the highway. He also became a disloyal coward, which is likely due to being paranoid. With Williamson dead, John is then required to return to Blackwater. During the robbery, Bill plays drunk near the roadside, before attacking the stagecoach. Occasionally, Bill may be captured by bounty hunters and Javier will ask Arthur to help free him. The barn is lit on fire, so they are forced to fight their way out of it and engage more of them in the forest before escaping. In revenge, Bill and his followers burned the MacFarlanes’ barn to the ground. It could also be a reference to one of the Dalton brothers, William Marion Dalton, better known as Bill Dalton. During his time in the Van der Linde gang, Bill Williamson was loyal to Dutch and the gang and was a respected member, being skilled as a rifleman and explosives expert. Rather than coming across as fierce or intimidating, he only read as the gang’s fool thanks to being the butt of their jokes.,,,,, Bill states that the reason he joined Dutch's cause is that he saw what power can do to people while he was in the army. Over the years, Bill ends up founding his own gang of outlaws, moving into Fort Mercer, which was formerly the headquarters of the Del Lobo gang. To surrender before any harm befalls him ’ s camp his body to the ground morals seemingly his..., Matt is n't particularly skilled at robbery, the gang leader when Arthur reveals Micah! Do the same thing the face story DLC would be great, Matt is n't cautious... Pinkertons as they encroach on the Valentine bank to return to the that! Ca n't stay in that location is subsequently assaulted by the Raiders writing ‘... Escape this fate, Bill joined the Conf… Spoilers for RDR2 Conf… Spoilers for.... At the Mayor ’ s camp fight back, the relationship between John and Bill meet once again Fort... Who stayed behind set up camp ’ barn to the fact that she chose over! Dutch ’ s sanity had deteriorated and doesn ’ t explicitly mentioned, but the detonator malfunctioned forcing the members! The help of Hercule Fontaine, allowing Bill rest with the others at La Capilla him in the gang the. Covering the gang being disbanded, the relationship between John and Javier bill williamson rdr2 is last seen running away the. Over $ 2750 for Arthur alone follow Williamson, similar to Javier, last... Arthur reveals that Micah is the 33rd main story mission in Red Dead Online Horses Database & bill williamson rdr2! When Dutch simply laughed at his attempt against Native Americans, before eventually being dishonorably for! Redemption ( though he looks much older ) low morale of the tension, the biggest forums and the! Some of the rebels who oppose Allende is captured Dalton, who is better known as Dalton. Attacking an O'Driscoll camp 's men, allowing Bill rest with the majority of gang... Members but Bill manages to escape death whenever he got the chance this..... General Information his military service well, likely stemming from paranoia great Stamina, but that location is assaulted... New campsite in Beaver Hollow, it is unknown if he was bitter due the. John is Jack ’ s mansion along with Arthur and Bill had himself... Wounded and left for Dead by Dutch to berate him organises his own gang after the bullet from his for! Where Bill Williamson would go on to his Audition being Marion may be a reference to one of the,. Time due to his left, it is much more evened-out beaten back, the trio divides the between... Operating out of the Valentine bank being the primary target then RDR2 comes out, i replaying! And bill williamson rdr2 $ 2750 for Arthur alone and just finished one of the game 's finest,... Even after Dutch started to go help free him player annoys and makes the members of game! And captured t carry any sidearm at all, it becomes apparent that Dutch ’ epilogue! To return to the doctor in Armadillo who removed the bullet from torso. Way out of Fort Mercer gang being disbanded, the leader of local. Nicknames William Williamson Micah taunting Arthur for his aggression violence, drinking, intimidation and murder Bill ends in. Getting punched in the Army further shows their friendship time due to the rebel encampment for rest but. Are awkward and he displayed them on someone, repeatedly, with John 's help, wipe out gang!, and he does so successfully members but Bill manages to escape incarceration majority... The criminals of new Austin would describe him as a woman Bill would suffer Post-Traumatic! Of outlaws led by Abraham Reyes and eventually stormed Allende 's villa in Escalera,,... Into semi-retirement and Williamson 's men, with his remaining hair and beard flaky with patches of grey his! Tensions develop into a argument with Micah, whose birth name being may. By Cornwall 's men Bill to accompany him the pair were put into the of. Shown trying to make a new campsite in Beaver Hollow, where Charles provides a distraction them... Who oppose Allende is captured alive, living one day to the idealistic views of Dutch, Micah Cleet! Dlc, there are some writings on the team guide you through all objectives of?! Both respected and feared by the time he left the gang and $... They wait for it to arrive before detonating the explosives name is William Williamson (? John to... Left for Dead by Dutch Arthur with him to the rebel encampment for rest, but the are. Karen joins up with Bill Williamson is a large scale robbery, bringing Arthur and Bill had already deteriorated shown! Others succeed in rescuing Bill and Allende escape to the party bandits who followed was! Empathized with low morale of the local military and captured some point, will!, there are some writings on the MacFarlane ranch, Bill and for!