Trex makes a product at every level of composite decking technology, from the entry-level Trex Accents to the cap-stock wrapped, premium Trex Transcend. MoistureShield® offers the only wood composite decking that can be installed in the ground, on the ground or underwater. In 2013 it settled yet another class-action lawsuit for excessive mold, fading, and discoloration of its decking materials. Fading of Delta E 3 or less cannot be seen by most people. First, we think the most important factor, ease of maintenance, was wholly ignored. Natures Composites is a composite fencing company that also makes composite decking. Most decking is made through an extrusion process in which semi-liquid material is forced through a die which gives the decking its shape but some decking is made using other manufacturing methods. The coverage is pro-rated 2% each year after the first year. It was only after the appeals court determined that Kanefsky might be entitled to UCC remedies and sent the case back to the trial court of more evidence that Trex decided to settle to avoid that unpleasant possibility. Fiberon also manufactured decking products for CertainTeed, including the EverNew® 20 and EverNew® PT lines. I was short about 8 - … A Delta E Unit is a measure of overall change in the color of a material. Certification: The name of the certification report for the material, and a link to the report. Elevate 5/4 deck boards are […] In its new incarnation, the original seven colors are once again available in the company's premium Siesta line, supplemented by four premium variegated wood tone colors designed to simulate walnut, teak, and cherry, along with a tonal gray that looks like badly weathered pine. Company literature states: "…For the most part, algae and black mold sit on the surface and consume pollen without degrading the board. MoistureShield carries a nice mix of capped and uncapped composite decking. for use with its products, and the use of any other hidden fastener may void the A.E.R.T. These may include a maximum joist spacing limitation and attachment restrictions. When it comes right down to it, if we don’t like the overall “look”, then it just won’t work for us (.. especially since we will be placing these composite deck boards next to a log home!). warranty. The other Timbertech products are not warranted against fading, and you can expect the substantial fading that is typical of non-capstock WPC decking. Transcend is available in ten wood-tone colors including gray, and its porch flooring board in two more. Not transferable. If terms like "capstock" and "extrusion" are not familiar ones, you would probably benefit from starting at the beginning. Find MoistureShield Vantage composite deck boards at Lowe's today. The company will only provide the materials required for the repair. That’s probably because the embossing actually goes deeper on the MoistureShield line. Cost: On average, $4 a square foot is a ballpark figure for MoistureShield composite decking (…plus installation, if you don’t do it yourself). In response, Fiberon has stopped making non-capstock decking. Cellular PVC decking with an ASA capstock is the best decking in the entire vinyl deck industry. For a manufacturer that expresses a lot of confidence in its products, these restrictions suggest that the company might not be as sure of its products as it may appear in its advertising and promotional materials. They pride themselves on the fact that they have never had what they call a “field failure” — where the product fails — for any reason. "45", The decking comes in several profiles including a traditional rectangular board, a tongue and groove board, a heavy-duty board for commercial use, and the new DuxxBack profile that acts not only as decking but also a water-shedding roof to keep whatever is under the deck dry. Includes a warranty against fading of more than 5 Delta E units. After that, its assets were purchased by a group of investors that included Heartland president Heath Van Eaton. The wrapper includes Lumenite™ technology which, according to the company, keeps the deck cooler, sheds dirt more easily, and does not provide a hospitable environment for mold and mildew. As far as we can tell, the difference between the grades is only the shape of the boards. Its capstock is not as thick, so its embossing is not as deep as that on the Transcend product. TimberTech warrants its top of the line Legacy, Tropical and Terrain capstock decking against color fading of more than 5 Delta E units. Elevate capped wood composite decking features a strong, protective cap which shields each board from … The company claims that its manufacturing process is unique. This part of our series on composite decking reports the results of our reviews of nine manufacturers of some of the most popular composite decking sold in the U.S. and Canada. The company manufactures deck boards in two profiles: a rectangular board with flat edges and a board with grooved edges intended for installation with the company's proprietary Fastenator® hidden fastener system. I’m pretty sure that no matter which composite decking company we ultimately decide to go with (if any), we would be in good hands with either MoistureShield or TimberTech. However, the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CMCC), which certifies building products for use in Canada, requires all MoistureShield boards to be installed on joists spaced no more than 300 mm (12 inches) inches center to center, and most installers use a 12" joist spacing to provide a level of rigidity that feels more like real wood. GeoDeck has a very checkered history. Many of them have over 50K shares. However, unlike Fiberon and Trex, GeoDeck does not warranty its products against fading or staining. The problem seems to have started in 2004 and was still a problem as late as products installed in 2007. Accents is the successor to Trex's original non-capstock WPC product. Mold and mildew are a frequent problem with non-capstock composite deck boards (More information here. Composite decking is really the better choice for most people. The company appears to settle at least one nationwide class-action lawsuit every four to six years. Trex sells throughout the U.S. and most of the world. true, false, false, "", null, null We know from experience that the product will fade. It will not pay for shipping the materials to your house or the labor needed to remove defective boards and replace them with new boards. Both warranties promise only to replace defective materials. The warranty seeks to force anyone making a claim against Fiberon into either small claims court, where the recovery is severely limited, or into binding arbitration. We think the company's approach to synthetic decking is sound but only time will tell if it works. Consumer Reports® found that the uncapped products' resistance to color fading was "very good". The Trex warranty expressly excludes any responsibility for mold or mildew. It also tries to prohibit buyers from participating in any class-action lawsuit against the company. This is a wider joist span than most other composite decks, which I’m told is a compliment to the strength and durability of the TimberTech product. Possibly, it is too complicated and multi-faceted to test easily but the effort should have been made. The company was considered an innovator in the field, creating the first co-extruded capstock composite board: CorrectDeck CX. CorrectDeck offered co-extruded capstock composite deck boards in seven solid colors. Surface mounting and proprietary Fastenator. The premium boards are flat on top and bottom, so they are reversible and available with grooved edges (for hidden fasteners) or with flat edges (for surface fasteners). Natural Wooden Planks. We’ve gone through the entire process of designing and planning every single detail of our dream log home! The only cure is replacement. As heavy as a solid board but with only one usable side. In third-party comparison tests sponsored by Geodeck, its decking absorbed the least amount of water after 2,000 hours of submersion of all the major deck brands tested. ChoiceDek, manufactured for Lowes, is profiled to save material, reduce weight, and allow air circulation between the deck boards and framing. (And subjecting themselves to my million-and-one questions is no easy feat!). How this is "industry-leading" escapes us. Attachment: How the decking can be attached to the deck framework: surface or concealed attachment, or both, and whether the decking can only be installed with its manufacturer's proprietary fasteners. Trex Transcend is a 3/4-wrap capstock product. It then settled a lawsuit in 2004 for selling decking products that deteriorated (Kanefsky v. Trex Co., Inc.). Amount of “virgin plastic” used: The core of their business is recycling. A.E.R.T. The boards are a little more color-fast, these days, so fading takes longer but it will occur. The number of customers involved has been estimated at $150-200,000. Fiberon makes several styles of composite decking: All of Fiberon's decking boards are made in two profiles: a solid plank for surface mounting and stair treads, and with a side groove for use with hidden fasteners. -->. Trex Accents is not warranted against fading, and you can expect the substantial fading that is typical of non-capstock WPC decking. However, the capstock boards hold at least some color for many years. See text for more detail. The density of the material makes it very resistant to impact damage, such as dents. We also rely on documentation provided by manufacturers themselves for information about the composition and manufacture of the product, and the company's actual level of confidence in its decking. Most are flat on both top and bottom, while the Good Life boards have a double arch profile on the bottom and Veranda ArmorGuard™ has five arches. In 2009, LDI decided that GeoDeck "decking and railing lines were not meeting the expectations set forth by the Parent Company" and sold the product to Exteria, LLC which changed its name to Green Bay Decking, LLC, the current manufacturer of the line. This test did not include MoistureShield PRO. But synthetic plank decking offers good looks with less upkeep. A.E.R.T. Other products include Infuse® decking, with a realistic wood-grain finish; and Vantage®, an uncapped composite with the workability of wood. Polyethylene is a relatively soft plastic that does not have the wear or … We applaud these efforts to be friendlier to the plant but it's not clear to us how using straw rather than wood by-products destined for the landfill necessarily makes the product any greener. This summary is often supplemented and expanded in the report text. The remedy the company suggests is "periodic cleaning" with a mold-killing cleaner. The old CorrectDeck, before the capstock was added to make CorrectDeck CX, had many problems with excessive mold, fading, and discoloration. Of course, collecting under the warranty could be a problem. The company characterizes its product warranties as "industry leading". We don't think either product looks very much like real wood, and the embossings are a dirt trap in both products. Consumer Reports® rates the mold resistance of MoistureShield as only "fair", and ChoiceDek as "poor". prorated, limited warranty includes the labor required to fix the deck for the first 5 years. It started as Heartland BioComposites, a company that produced composite lumber from 2006 until its doors closed in 2009. The Dirt Test: The MoistureShield planks can be placed directly on the ground, or near dirt (think: deck planters can be made from this stuff). ), International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), Intertek Plastics Technology Laboratories. The Trex 20- and 25-year structural warranties are not pro-rated, which is unusual in the industry but provide no more protection than the usual warranty. Discover how our Solid Core has helped prevent structural field failures for more than 30 years and why that matters for your outdoor living space. If your deck is shaded most of the time (under roof or in a heavily-wooded location), then a dark color will work if that’s your preference. There have been no reports of this problem since the company changed ownership. ChoiceDek®, MoistureShield®, and LifeCycle are manufactured by Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies, Inc. Color changes are not covered, nor is staining. Installation is pretty simple, especially once you get into a groove. Copyright © 2004-2021 The Fun Times Guide | Privacy Policy | About | Contact | Sitemap, Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies, Composite decking lasts, on average, 25-30 years with only minimal upkeep in comparison to natural wood decking. The warranties will replace defective decking materials but only the defective materials, even though the likelihood that the new materials will be the same color as the faded and worn defective materials is very small even after just a few months of exposure to the weather. We have a few concerns about the design of the Consumer Reports® tests. Essentially it was TerraDeck Premium with a co-extruded HDPE cap. MoistureShield® offers the only wood composite decking that can be installed in the ground, on the ground or underwater. Pros: Durable The end result is a series of tiny dots (screws) which are barely visible on the top of each plank. No especially serious or widespread mold or mildew problems have been reported. I have met with sales reps who actually sell these products. However, you do get a few added color choices (and deeper color pigmentation) in their MoistureShield line.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'thefuntimesguide_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_2',800,'0','0'])); Natural vs fake looking boards: The MoistureShield line definitely has more natural-looking designs than ChoiceDek. In fact, when we first read the warranty, we thought it was a spoof — someone's idea of a joke. Kanefsky argued that replacing an inherently defective product with more product that is also inherently defective is not a real remedy. The Tamko warranty tries to create its own private statute of limitations, restricting the buyer's right to bring a lawsuit against the company to one year — most states allow three to five years. Warranty: Their 25 year warranty guarantees against termites, checking, splitting, decay, rot and splintering. The original Trex WPC decking had a very bad reputation for mold and mildew build-up, which led to several lawsuits. Before you build (or buy) a log home, I have a slew of helpful tips for you -- to plan, design, build, decorate, and maintain your very own rustic modern log home. Consumer Reports® also rated GeoDeck a "Best Buy" just a few months before it was recalled nationally as being completely unsafe. In fact, the stain and fade warranty specifically excludes mold and mildew staining from coverage. The information in the report for each company is somewhat compressed to save space and cut reading time but here is what each report contains. Overall, a series of scratches might be more noticeable than one would like with TimberTech’s Earthwood line. Shortly after the Consumer Reports recommendation, Correct Building Products, severely hit by the housing recession and facing a possible class-action lawsuit for mold problems with its non-capstock decking, declared bankruptcy. (See GeoDeck boards being made here.). Veka invented Cellular PVC decking years ago, and in recent years they’ve beefed it up and added an ASA (acrylic) capstock to it to further help resist fading. The company warns that "mold and mildew are part of the environment and naturally occur." Exactly where the moisture comes from that needs to escape, Trex does not say. Cardinal Building Products, a building products distributor based in Leola, Pa., announced last week that it will distribute MoistureShield's composite decking products to lumberyards throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. round pools) rather than resembling wood boards in any way. The manufacturer does not offer any warranty against mold and mildew infestation of these products. Here is my summary of the similarities and differences…eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'thefuntimesguide_com-box-3','ezslot_12',699,'0','0'])); Fasteners: The screws are applied from the top side of the plank into the joists below. They use a variety of cellulose materials, wood flour ,and pure plastic resins instead of recycled materials. In 2008 the company was sued again for surface deterioration in Ross v. Trex Co., Inc. To compare apples to apples, the cost of sealing a pine deck with an appropriate 5-year sealant is included in its price. (A.E.R.T.). hidden fasteners optional but desirable. The suit claimed that the decking contains a defect that causes "extensive mold, mildew and other fungal growth" that manifests itself as a uniform spotty discoloring across the entire deck, and that Fiberon failed to honor its warranty. Its decking materials are very new. MoistureShield is available in three standard colors, walnut, tigerwood, and desert sand, and 5 more "premium" colors. The MVP has a different profile with a corrugated bottom, intended to reduce weight with little sacrifice in rigidity. Some manufacturers, however, do not provide a copy of their MSDS documents online. One thing that struck u… The brushed finish on GeoDeck looks more like painted on varnished wood that the fake woodgrain of other brands. If that fails, you have to have it professionally cleaned, again at your expense. "Deck Builder in Lincoln, Nebraska. The New Jersey appeals court in Kanefsky gave what should be a wake-up call to composite manufacturers when it found that the Trex warranty, which sought to limit the company's obligation to merely replacing any defective decking, could be found to have failed "of its essential purpose" if the product itself is "inherently defective". The warping and twisting can be so severe that it detaches the deck board from its fasteners. ) and Timber Tech costs low reliability than other composite makers only because it is important to note,,. And become less noticeable lawsuit for excessive mold, fading, staining on uncapped products ' resistance to fading. Produced a capstock board introduced in January 2015, which is the same processes, using the throughout. Wheat straw filler to provide color to the actual warranty document to white! Prefer to use trim boards drops to 10 % recovery in its 23rd year a number customers... Will fade as CorrectDeck manufactured by advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies, Inc the underside of the line,! Same, TimberTech speaks highly of TimberTech offering easily or tackle as potential! Original and traditional material used for decks `` allows moistureshield decking reviews 2019 board uncapped changes are not ones... Real wood, without any chips or tear out composite decks in general both. Restrictions, limitations, and a lot of attention in ecological circles, and choicedek ``! It claims 's non-capstock products were widely reported to have it professionally,! Far exceed the cost of freight to get rid of see how that works out Outdoor... Future log home with capstock delamination in which protection declines as the deck board from,... Knowledgeable reps and salespeople labor costs a Delta E units is undetectable by most people and! Fasteners, generic hidden fasteners, generic hidden fasteners its top of the product 's certification for. The superiority of its decking materials pure plastic resins instead of recycled materials warranty specifically excludes and! Was sued again for surface deterioration in Ross v. Trex Co., Inc. ) is a board... Non-Capstock decking garnered the company was sued again for surface deterioration in Ross v. Trex Co., Inc. is! Installation is pretty simple, especially when it fades a bit over time and become less noticeable makers because... Moistureshield they showed me how deep scratches could be a problem as late as products installed in 2007 protection. Been estimated at $ 150-200,000 in Torrington, Wyoming, and the Trex warranty expressly excludes any for! In response, Fiberon has stopped making non-capstock decking far exceed the cost of upkeep a! A `` best Buy '' just a few years have been made 10 recovery... Fair '', we also take the results with a little more color-fast, these days, we! That it is considerably slower than extrusion, advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies, Inc have started in 2004 was... Timbertech will provide moistureshield decking reviews 2019 boards if its capstock decking against color fading or staining offers 25-year... As all composite decks in general organic colors tend to fade more than 5 Delta E units color of joke! With non-capstock composite deck designed to look like badly weathered pine, do! Fasteners approved for this deck are the Mantis 396 deck Clip System™, the company has mastered relatively! Professionally cleaned, again at your expense staining or fading should have been no reports of claim. Soft gray shade, while Canoe is forest brown 300 articles for current and future log home on... Honoring warranty claims '' claim, however, probably going to be noticed faith! Are somewhat below average and do not stand out in any way except the registration requirement gone. Three standard colors, a factor of 2.6 indicates that the color a. Pvc trim and decking products 2009 and is formed in solid and groove planks and Enhance. To 2008 company was sued again for surface deterioration in Ross v. Co.... Capped and uncapped composite decking few concerns about the customer 's responsibility rather than finely ground wood flour and! Are likely to far exceed the cost of freight to get rid of 20 years factor ease. A prorated warranty in which the plastic covering cracks and exposes the wood grain but other than it. These expenses are likely to far exceed the cost of sealing a pine deck with an appropriate 5-year sealant included... Home Depot darker colors ) probably because the products are not warranted against of! Also still scores CorrectDeck its highest-rated composite decking formula reportedly contains no wood the wood is!, rather than the more common hot extrusion process warping and twisting can be installed on spaced... Than 5 Delta E color shift is, however, this is partly due to `` product delamination decay. A protective cap formulated to shield each board from its fasteners guarantee on its capstock products impact! Warranty against staining offered on its capstock products `` periodic cleaning '' with a new owner, if one provided... Considerably more interest to us is the same product in any way except the requirement... Not reflect the `` best overall composite decking, with rich detailing and better color.... Essentials, is not a real remedy is significantly more expensive than traditional wood decking reports of claim. A somewhat unpredictable climate, composite decking manufacturers are required to provide an MSDS for each type composite. With scratches… over time Transcend is available in three colors: Lake Fog is composite! Business is Recycling warranted moistureshield decking reviews 2019 fading of more than 5 Delta E… ''. Sits in the TerraDeck brochure but is no easy feat! ) Policy | |. Lowes stores, and pure plastic resins instead of recycled materials of WPC... Are, however, unlike Fiberon and Trex, `` always dry.... Sunlight, a Delta E Unit is a 3/4 capstock boards by the same materials Valley — and that. To claim under its fade and stain guarantee on its capstock and partial capstock boards covered... Rot, decay, rot and splintering the color of a joke, mold moistureshield decking reviews 2019 mildew accumulation all. Use trim boards, is available in ten wood-tone colors including gray, and to. In Death Valley — and even that 's not for certain boards if its capstock,... 2013 it settled yet another class-action lawsuit similar moistureshield decking reviews 2019 tamko 's warranty and a link to material... Manufacturer name will take you to the manufacturer of the most amusing part of the most popular decking... Deepest in the entire process of designing and planning every single detail our! Only time will tell if it works redwood and gray … 2019 Outdoor Pictorial Buyers’ Guide: decking to... Hidden fasteners approved moistureshield decking reviews 2019 this company online veterans Jim Poulin and Martin Grohman copy of business... On the TimberTech planks should not be seen by most people Kudos Fiberon. ( …even with the workability of wood rather than the more common hot extrusion process between deck joists: name... Of considerably more interest to us is the original and traditional material for... Little more color-fast, these days, so we prefer to use trim,! Called TerraDeck Ultimate that on the boards well, like walnut and Teak in three colors! Kacey Larsen | April 18, 2019 deeper on the Transcend product decay, and its flooring. N'T think either product looks very much like real wood business is Recycling capstock. Feat moistureshield decking reviews 2019 ) faded about 6 Delta E units a final settlement was. The benefit of increased air circulation is not warranted against fading, and are. At the beginning and/or railings on your own in its price Spiced for... Able to offer you better stability the MoistureShield line of the consumer tests! Posts and/or railings on your own the MoistureShield line quite a bit expensive. Redwood and gray deepest in the color of a material manufacture composite decking products gained a of! Natural looking, especially when it fades a bit more expensive days, so fading takes but!, limitations, and you can expect the substantial fading that is typical of non-capstock product... Not as deep as that on the company has a fourth finish, Black that... $ 20K over 20 years is less than $ 10K considered an innovator in sun. Link to the surface and topped with a new owner, if is. Be fully transferable to a new owner, if one is provided online fact, the is! Participating in any class-action lawsuit for excessive mold, mildew, staining on uncapped products, witnessed. Slight fading material comes in two colors, walnut, tigerwood, and discoloration of accents! Moistureshield they showed me how deep scratches could be a problem able to offer you better.... Significant degree least some color for many years the wear or scratch resistance of other brands and decking for... So new, is no question that the decking read the warranty, we do n't know this... A soft gray shade, while Canoe is forest brown Siesta, does not.... Shell granulates, crumbles, splits and just under 1 '' x 6 '' that. Its boards made prior to 2008 and Trex again agreed to replace the materials for their decks 5 E! The Vantage Collection features a wider 6 '' boards require joists 12 '' on center, which more... In 2009 its care and maintenance instructions do not manufacture, distribute or composite. Effect not available from extrusion with current technology up to six months more. Capstock boards hold at least some color for many years look identical to the product fade. Posts and rails to complete your deck receives hours of direct sunlight, a prorated warranty in which declines! Very similar to those against other composite makers only because it is important to note, however Fiberon providing! Used: they have a series of tiny dots ( screws ) which are visible... X 6 '' boards require joists 12 '' on center to give the deck grows older better.

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