To turn off the controller, hold the PlayStation button located between the analogue sticks in the centre of the device. Step 2: Locate the small reset button on the back of the SCUF 4PS near the L2 shoulder button. - DualShock 4 PS4 controller freeze with white light on PS4 V.2.03 Also read through the comments on the video, firat comment was that the comments were more gelpful that the video. This will reset all connections of the controller and searches for a new one. My controller won't turn on. I've replaced the battery and tried several other methods to get it to turn on. [Image] PS4 controller charges but won't turn on. If your controller won't pair, won't respond, or is displaying a flashing light, please follow the instructions on how to reset the controller: Step 1: Turn off the PlayStation 4. I put it in the charger..(no work) I pressed the rest button (no work) If that also doesnt work, your controller is probably damaged. A clear sign of PS4 controller defect is when PS4 suddenly freezes/halts during the gameplay. If you are unable to connect your PS4 controller to your Windows PC, you should disable your computer's Bluetooth, turn it back on, and try to pair it to your device again. Wait until a menu appears, and select ‘Adjust Devices’. Growing up trolls lived under bridges, now they live in their Mom's basement. 1. Sometimes it won’t freeze, but the PS4 will go very slow, or just behaves eccentrically. If you are using PS4 for a long time then you might have known that PS4 controller not charging or turning on is one of the most common problems of … However, I couldn't get the PS4 to respond (turn on) in any way. It could be a USB issue, or you could synching incorrectly. Hold the PS-button and Share-button simultanously for some seconds while the PS4 is turned on. The PS4 won't turn on for the Controller or Disk input. User Info: Lorthremar. I get no light or beep as others have. All passionate PlayStation 4 gamers know the importance of PS4 controller, so when the PS4 controller stops charging or it doesn’t work properly then they feel extremely bothered.. If your PS4 controller won’t charge, try Powering off the PS4 and then pressing the Reset button on the controller. 2) Locate the reset button on the back of your controller near the L2 shoulder button. Resetting your PS4 controller is another effective way to bring your PS4 controller back. What Happens When the PS4 Controller Fails? How to Fix PS4 Controller Won’t Charge and Turn On. Now I know it won't turn on at all. To do so: 1) Turn off your PlayStation 4. I was playing Minecraft on my phone and charging my controller on my phone charger plug.... Anywho after a while my DS4 suddenly disconnected.. When the PS4 controller begins to malfunction or about to fail, you’ll get troubles dealing with the PS4 system. Once done, plug in the USB cable, connect it to both ends (the Controller and the Console), and turn on the console. Then use a small, unfolded paper-clip or something similar to push the button and hold it down for a couple of seconds. Re-Enable Bluetooth. The PS4 was connected to a working power socket and plugged incorrectly. It only works when the PS4 … Upon doing this, turn on your PS4 and give the controller a try. The lights on your DualShock 4 won’t turn on and the PS4 doesn’t recognize your controller. If this doesn't help, try different USB-cables after resetting. I thought the charger finished but no..

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