Used widely by many organisations in both the private and public sector. not something which is regularly moved or dismantled. Cutting a notch into a lumber plank weakens it as would be the case with timber. Second Life Products Wales Ltd are one of the leading suppliers of British recycled waste plastic wood products with over 25 years' experience and expertise. Manticore Lumber is a plastic wood alternative made from 100% recycled plastic, using plastic waste that is unusable in conventional recycling processes. If the lumber is treated properly we are happy to guarantee it from manufacturing defects or issues for 25 years. Although we do supply flat packed kits for raised beds in predetermined sizes, this customer had specific requirements so opted for ordering the recycled plastic lumber planks necessary to do the job. Picnic tables. Recycled Plastic will certainly be an important part of the equation. How do I clean lumber? Welcome to Kacey and thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Recycled plastic lumber should always be stored laid flat on delivery, until you start work on it. Duraplas ® Profile is a length of extruded recycled HDPE plastic in the form of planks which are intended to replace traditional timber alternatives. Our recycled plastic lumber is an ideal long-lasting timber alternative that is weatherproof, sustainable and maintence free! When compared to wood KLP® recycled plastic products are extremely safe as the material does not splinter; its excellent anti-slip properties are even better that those of wood, especially in wet weather conditions. It also lasts 5 times longer than timber and requires zero maintenance – … How long does lumber last and do you offer a guarantee? You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Recycled Plastic Products. Litter bins. We currently stock a great range of recycled plastic lumbers, manufactured from 100% recycled non-degradable plastic waste. The refurbishment process gave our client the opportunity to re-think their requirements. Production of only half of the nitrous oxide. British Recycled Plastic offer an extensive range of recycled plastic lumber planks of all sizes, along with decking boards and other profiles designed for civil engineering. Recycled Plastic Boards, Posts & Sheets Do you have a project which needs recycled plastic wood? Recycled plastic lumber and recycled timber plastics, also known as recycled plastic wood, is made from taking useless plastic rubbish, and after it has been processed carefully, using 66% less energy than is used in virgin plastic production, we make something both aesthetically pleasing … We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Lumber. Please click here to take a moment to familiarise yourself with expansion and contraction differences compared to wood. Will they ever get splinters or crack or rot? Highwood’s plastic wood are manufactured from 100% recycled polystyrene that has been purchased from post consumer uses. They're entirely impervious to water, frost, insects, fungi and algae. We work with (amongst other things) plastic bottles, yoghurt pots and packaging, plant pots, food packaging and coffee grounds. We hope that during your visit you will grow to understand our passion for and knowledge of recycled plastic and its multiple uses within the leisure, landscaping and conservation markets. Keep in mind that the other cookies will give you an optimal user experience. All Major Credit and Debit Cards Accepted. Recycled plastic sheets and boards We offer various sheet options suitable for a wide range of applications Illustrations below demonstrate uses of recycled sheet material used in outdoor applications as the material cannot rot and little or no maintenance is required. It can be made into a variety of products, which will literally last a lifetime. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Signage. Kacey. Do you want to know how we deal with privacy? KLP® recycled plastic is sustainable, will last several decades, does not rot, does not require maintenance and can simply be cleaned. Faced with the constant erosion of the coastal path along the the North Sea,  the Council of the East Riding of Yorkshire enlisted the help of their local conservation trust to build something a bit more permanent but that would also have a low impact on the environment. Read more here about how some of the volunteers then constructed 90 frames offsite in a workshop before bringing them out to Flamborough where they were fitted together to make long lasting steps. The production process makes use of mixed plastics from post-consumer waste, which is currently unusable by conventional recycling methods, meaning an otherwise contaminated surplus plastic packaging can be diverted from landfill into second-life products. British Recycled Plastic is a trading name of Low Carbon Products Ltd. We offer a range of high quality 100% recycled plastic landscaping and construction products and outdoor furniture. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. A large range of fully recycled plastic lumber. Durable weather resistant, splinter free, completely water resistant & maintenance free. Plastic posts & plastic planks Orginally Lankhorst Recycling Products is the manufacturer of recycled plastic posts and recycled plastic planks based on which many applications are possible. In many scenarios, recycled plastic lumber can be worked like hardwood, however it is worth noting that it should never be cut lengthwise. We turn plastic waste into beautifully constructed eco-friendly products, with the usual use for our planks being fences, decking, and boardwalks. Bollards. Available in a number of different sizes and colours, these lumbers are the perfect replacement for projects which traditionally include wooden planks or posts. PLEASE NOTE: Prices on the webshop INCLUDE VAT AND SHIPPING for most UK areas. We offer a large range of plastic posts in different executions and sizes, varying from decorative poles, protection poles to sign poles. We have a wide range of recycled profiles which can be used in a variety of applications. We supply our wide range of furniture, profiles and sheet material throughout the UK and beyond, and are renowned for … Taking advantage of the great strength and 100% waterproof properties of recycled plastic, this canal trust build both lock gates and the retractable paddles out of recycled plastic for use in this canal near Stroud. If you need our recycled plastic planks at other lengths, less than the standard 3.1 metres, it can sometimes be more convenient for us to pre-cut them in the workshop before dispatch for you. Fencing & Gates. Our range of recycled plastic lumber is rot proof, impact resistant, algae and moss resistant as the profiles have a skin that paint cannot penetrate while graffiti can simply be wiped clean. You can read everything about our cookies here. Raised beds. For tips on keeping your recycled plastic decking board looking like new, check out … Bradshaw Wheelchair Accessible Picnic Table, Permeable Grids for Driveways and Car Parking, Harrogate Space Saver Garden Table and Bench Set. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Not only will it enhance any premises visually, each product purchased from us saves thousands of plastic bottles from going to landfill. They also can’t be damaged by disinfectant and are really easily dried … This website uses cookies to improve your experience. External Man-made Timber (recycled plastic) noticeboards. Hundreds of schools in the UK have chosen our recycled plastic picnic tables because they are guaranteed for 25 years and don’t split, rot or splinter, just needing a wipe every once in a while. We stock a huge range of plastic wood from thin sheets, flexible planks and reinforced posts to sturdy beams and sleepers and we can ship small quantities next day (no minimum order quantity). 100% recycled plastic decking boards. Of all of the uses for our recycled plastic planks that we’ve seen over the years, this remains one of our favourites. Available in a range of sizes and thicknesses, they are ideally suited to a huge number of applications in the construction industry as well as the leisure and retail, industrial, marine and agricultural sectors long life. You can give them the occasional wipe down with a damp cloth or blast them with a jet wash once a year to get rid of things like tree sap. There is a 60p cutting charge per plank, but if this means that the planks are reduced to less than 2.4 metres, this means you will save money on transport as they can be shipped on two pallets (1000mm x 1200mm each) rather than three. All that is bad about plastic lasting a very long time is also good about plastic lasting a very long time. This also makes it the ideal material for areas subject to flooding or standing water. Our eco-friendly recycled plastic decking boards requires zero maintenance, saving you time and money on annual upkeep expenses. KLP® plastic material is also environmentally friendly, because it does not leach any poisonous substances to the environment. It is a case of sitting down and working it out. Decking. As a business with a strong focus on sustainability, they naturally chose recycled plastic to replace rotting wooden platforms. At GCL Products we stock a fantastic range of plastic lumbers which have been manufactured from recycled non-degradable plastic waste and moulded into a range of board sizes to create planks, joists and battens. They will never splinter or crack or rot if worked correctly. Cookies that are required to make this website function properly. 100% Recycled. EcoSheet / EKOply is made from 100% recycled mixed plastics. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Kedel's Recycled Mixed Plastic Profiles are robust recycled plastic extrusions made in the UK to a specification tailored to the particular application of the product. Duraplas ® Profile and Boardwalks. KLP®: sustainable recycled plastic solutions, Planet: sustainable & environmentally friendly, Newsletter Lankhorst Euronete November 2012, Royal Lankhorst Euronete wins ‘Golden’ FD Gazelle, Newsletter Lankhorst Euronete - June 2012, © 2021 Lankhorst Recycled Products UK Ltd. Can the recycled plastic lumber be worked like wood? A mix of polyolefins; mainly HDPE and LDPE from most of the waste plastic produced by Western Scotland’s farming community. Recycled Plastic is fast becoming the most popular choice of material for outdoor furniture products. Advice on Working with Mixed Plastic Lumber can be found on this link. They have a large, purpose build landing stage outside the clubhouse but needed something they could install and forget until they needed it for busy weekends to get rowers into the water faster. Compost bins. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Lead engineer, Ron, from Cotswold Canals Trust praised the material’s robustness but recommended that all fixings used are stainless steel. If in doubt, just send us a lumber list and we will send you a quote based on this. KLP® recycled plastic is sustainable, will last several decades, does not rot, does not require maintenance and can simply be cleaned. Non slip decking which will last forever. 99% of waste material created during the manufacturing process is reclaimed. Functional cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the website. Designed to replace traditional building materials, our recycled plastic planks are environmentally friendly, maintenance free, strong and durable. Recycled Plastic Wood and Recycled Mixed Plastic Lumber made only from plastic sourced from UK door drop collections. These cookies do not store any personal information. Saving these materials from landfill, giving them value and recycling them into a long life product, which can again be recycled in the future, provides a harmonious solution to sustainable living. See our privacy statement. Nor should deep notches over 50% of the width of the plank be cut into it. Dismiss, Production of only a third of the sulphur dioxide, Reduction of carbon dioxide generation by two-and-a-half times, 1.8T of oil saved for every tonne of recycled polythene produced, Reduces the carbon footprint of any project. Plastecowood receives plastic waste, mainly from household collections and reprocesses it to produce recycled plastic lumber - planks, boards, posts and profiles, primarily for external uses. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. TimberTech decking and railing is made from up to 73% recycled material. This is to do with differing tensions between the “skin” of the recycled plastic and the inside. All Products. Recycled plastic planks from KLP® offer you the charm and processability of wood and at the same time the lifetime of plastics. We manufacture from our UK factory based in Bodelwyddan, North Wales and call this range of high endurance, long-life products Smartawood ™. Designed as an alternative to traditional construction materials, recycled plastic planks are impervious to water, do not rot, split or splinter, and allow for the easy and quick construction of fences, revetments, boardwalks, steps and pontoons, to name but a few applications. Manticore Plastic Lumber is formed from 100% recycled plastics, collected from all over the UK. Recycled plastic lumber planks (or recycled plastic wood as it is sometimes also, incorrectly, known) is the basic material from which much of the British Recycled Plastic range of environmentally friendly maintenance free furniture and sustainable construction products are made. Available in a range of dimensions, and lengths between 1.1 metres to 4 metres, Duraplas ® Profile can be manufactured to suit project requirements. All our materials are highly versatile, easy to work with and waterproof. Absolutely perfect for marine environments due to being completely non-absorbent, this customer, a rowing club, decided to wisely use our recycled plastic planks to create an additional landing stage for their boats on the river. Our KLP® recycled plastic planks are among others used for: You can easily design your own construction with KLP® Planks - possibilities are unlimited.Download our complete range of products. Recycled Plastic Wood, also known as Recycled Plastic Lumber or Recycled Plastic Timber is a raw material, made from unwanted and scrap plastics. Benches. We use large amounts EPS packaging which has been collected and then compressed into large briquettes by others and we also purchase a wide selection of waste Polystyrene mouldings which are then all ground up. Recycled plastic planks from KLP® offer you the charm and processability of wood and at the same time the lifetime of plastics. British Recycled Plastic offer an extensive range of recycled plastic lumber planks of all sizes, along with decking boards and other profiles designed for civil engineering. This website uses cookies and similar technologies to provide you with an optimal user experience. Recycled Plastic Products. Recycled plastic lumber planks as an alternative to wood. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. This customer decided to concentrate on future proofing their investment when refurbishing the fixtures of their nursery and farm shop. Coupled with the major positive environmental benefits, recycled plastic lumber planks can be used for many applications traditionally solved using timber, concrete or metals. Typically this would be hay bale wrapping, silage wrapping, crates and packaging. Our material is made from various recycled plastics or other waste streams of an exceptional quality. The other cookies will only be activated on your permission and can be turned off by switching the buttons tot the left. Coupled with the major positive environmental benefits, recycled plastic lumber planks can be used for many applications traditionally solved using timber, concrete or metals. Planters. Once it’s been delivered, how do I store lumber before I start working with it? This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. 332,000 kg of material is recycled annually. It is hard-wearing, smooth-faced, and versatile, thus suitable for a variety of applications in agriculture, construction and beyond. We are working towards 100%. What kind of plastic are they made from? It's versatility of design allows it to be used in furniture, fencing, walkways signage and many more products. Therefore if notched planks are integral to your design, we suggest this is only as part of a finished product which remains static, ie. Recycled plastic planks. 50% of polymer content is recycled (post-consumer and post-industrial HDPE bottle grade and LDPE film grade). Using recycled plastic means that these locks should remain free from any maintenance for decades as the material will not rot, split or decay in any way. We stock a large range of plastic wood boards available as solid planks or tongue and groove with endless possible applications. These recycled plastic decking boards look like a high quality wood finish, but without the annual stain or seals. Our Man-made Timber noticeboards offer the benefit of traditional looks but, owing to their construction from recycled plastic materials, come with none of the problems frequently associated with timber boards. Find Out More About Our Recycled Plastic Wood Products By accepting these cookies your internet behavior can be monitored by social media, advertisement or other networks. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Wood grain finish, buts its 100% recycled plastic. Garden edging. Instead of replacing their tables like for like, they moved towards a  modular, flexible system using custom cut lumber which allowed them to build units that can be dismantled and moved as the growing business requires. Recycled plastic wood lumber is both practical and environmentally friendly delivering excellent benefits to your project. We’re not sure quite how long it lasts, but probably around 100 years. It provides an economical and environmentally sustainable alternative to these materials, lowering the carbon footprint of construction projects compared to many traditional solutions.

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