Really, the possibilities are almost limitless. But which is best for you? Rig Diagrams. 4) Multiple Preamps, Stereo Loops, Stereo Power Amp 5) Pedals, FX loop, 3 Channel Amp Switching 6) Pedals, MIDI Expression Whammy 7) Dual GCX (1 of 2) 8) Dual GCX (2 of 2) 9) Mono, Mono, Stereo 10) Stereo Parallel 11) Noise Gate, Channel A/B 12) Magnetic and Piezo Guitar Rig 13) Feedthru and You. Using a stereo or wet/dry rig is a fantastic way to enhance recordings or live performances. We provide insight and opinion about gear, artists, technique and the guitar industry for all genres and skill levels. Thanks for the feedback Robb We’re getting so many great bits of feedback about stereo gear (and so many letters from players wanting us to do another zenTera) that we might just have to do it for real in future We’ll keep pestering the R&D team, so watch this space . See more ideas about guitar pickups, cigar box guitar, cigar box guitar plans. Mini toggle switch basics and push-pull pot basics, Understanding impedance and impedance matching, Find the proper fret position with the official Stewart-MacDonald Fret Calculator, Stewart-MacDonald is PCI compliant and validated for secure e-commerce. First post! Paul Jackson Jr. !”, Thanks for the kind words Piet, and we agree with all your comments too! Sounded awesome !!! Twitter. Let us know and we can ask our Wet/Dry/Wet buff and see what he might be able to recommend you could try . My stereo combo is already sitting in a room right in the middle of my stereo HI-FI speakers. CAE rack gear: guitar volume controller GVCA-2, dual stereo mini mixer, black cat vibe, super tremolo, two 4x4 audio controller, hush guitar silencer, Furman power conditioner. Thanks for the post! Diagram #14 shows how to wire a stereo output jack to turn on an onboard power source (battery) when a 1/4" mono plug is inserted. You’re right Andi, “less is more” is pretty much always the way to go, especially with amp technology being so improved in the last few years. Just experimenting, but you can also leave the dry signal in the stereo solid state amps rather than just wet as well to get a dry&wet-dry-dry&wet great with looping stuff too.. Usually in solo I just put vol pot in P90/humb-channel from 7 to 10, and it sings beautifully. The output jack is where it all comes together. In addition to being a recording artist, Jackson is also highly accomplished L.A. session player, having worked on projects with huge stars like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Chicago, Al Jarreau, and many more! I am playing now for 40 years and have had experiences ranging from very simple guitar to amp setups to very complex rack rigs. Introduction Ah, the psychoacoustics always have us under their control! The GM36 offers a line out to run a second power amp. We’d really recommend everyone who hasn’t yet tried wet/dry/wet to at least give it a chance, purely to experience how huge it can sound Sure, it might not be the most practical thing to have on stage with you But as a test at home even, it’s worth it for the sonic experience…. How a magnetic pickup works Have you considered a stereo pair of active monitors? . The various pickups, pots, switches, and caps eventually direct the signal generated by the pickups to the output jack. Path A runs back to my amps FX return. 30 (15x15)-watt Stereo 2-channel All-tube 2x10" Guitar Combo Amplifier with Power Scaling, Mono/Stereo Effects Loop, and 3-band EQ - Black $ 1,099 .00 Or $46 /month § for 24 months i I tried it using the XLR line out to a RC300 (mic in). But don't worry, there's no need to get a loan on your house, because th… It will just give me some ease of access. Let us know . (Y) goes into a Friedman Dirty Shirley, then a Tc Octaver, then a Wah/volume pedal then a guitar. Alexi Laiho: A hugely influential musician who helped shape the course of modern metal guitar. While it is true that sitting directly in-front of this rig does deliver stellar stereo if I was to separate the speakers then I really do believe the sound would be less omni-directional say for a person that is not in the center. Trending. Rival Sons - One rockin interview! Soda Stereo - Dynamo - Fue. But thinking yeah you have the G System as well. You’ll get every nuance of the FX just as intended – plus in this setup you know that the sounds you get at home and onstage will be exactly the sounds the crowd hears at your shows. I’m 54 years old and experienced (studio/live) in all variations from Mono to wer/dry/wet (w/d/w). Our custom diagrams are easy to read, affordable and delivered by email for FREE! From the FX send I go with my signal into two EQs to select sound variations with each and in combination of both, and then route the signal into a volume pedal. So at this point I have two signals (stereo) which I now feed into two amps taking care of wet left and wet right signals. I can’t wait for the weekend so I’ll have some time to try this! From the pedal board is a snake to the amps via a rocktron Hush. We write in there how there’s growing numbers of players moving away from cabs altogether. This signal then goes to the FOH guys. If not, try that: The signal is direct and instant, and always easy to locate as it’s extremely close to the rest of the band. Now it gets interesting. In addition: always had a volume control pedal for the left/right fx (for me most important on stage and studio for quick adjustments). so this is what I have done it’s a wet/dry and( wet /wet rig with different voicings from each amp blended together). The bit about the stereo setup is around 25 min. In most venues you're not even going to be able to get the sound man to devote two channels to your guitar sound, let alone count on him to pan them left and right. Then My Tubemeister 36 Stereo Rig Would Be Complete, With The Only FX I Use Anyway, And No Line 6, Or Zoom Pedals, And Cables Cluttering Up My Work Area On Stage. Hi, I'm Cecil. Ideally a flat response unit of some kind but still saving up for that. 100pf. From a Radical ABY (A) goes into the line 6 Bognor Front. Read More. Question. From our point of view, we’d say you need to just get in a second cab to test out what sounds better. I would think pedals and Eclipse and ditch the G, go simple w/d with 2 2x12s. All of this inspires me trying to achieve what is in my head. Output Jacks Click play below, and let’s get started! i have a big problem: i have 2 guitars, doing the same part and panned L and R in the stereo field. The lamp used in the project is PCL805 tube. Paul Jackson Jr. is a fusion composer, arranger, producer and guitarist. In the first volume of Fretboard Theory (the red book) I created the neck diagram in Illustrator and then added the circles and other markings using InDesign. Tour grade switchers, unique modular power solutions and problem solving essentials to optimise your rig. . Line out into time based affects. If you’re playing in stereo, you’re constantly looking for the middle ground, and you’ll want to hear all your special FX too – whether the crowd can or not. In most venues you're not even going to be able to get the sound man to devote two channels to your guitar sound, let alone count on him to … and a number of companies ultimately started offering combos, heads and related bits and pieces in stereo format. On a side note, towards the beginning of the video, he gets a pretty mighty tone out of a stock Boss DS-1 but I digress. I Think Every FX Freak Out There Would Buy One…. Even Hughes & Kettner made gear in rack format. But don't worry, there's no need to get a loan on your house, because the wet signals don't need additional coloration: Two small combos with decent speakers (or even two simulators like SansAmp) will do the trick. The Stereo Conqueror is two five-watt Conquerors in a 2x12 angled enclosure. I will look again tomorrow. For the songs I am playing I need maximum presence and width. Great looking rig, very flexible and capable of awesome tones. Getting the volume level of all three amps is key for this to work well. hi! As for gigging ? Part Ten Diagram #13 shows a typical mono jack and how it should be connected. If The Grandmeister Had A Switch On The Back That Gave Me A Choice Between *Onboard* FX Send, And Return, Or *External* FX Send, And Return, I Would Buy One Today! Let’s take a look at the difference between the two. This way you will be able to use your favorite amp to color the overall sound, while delegating sound spatialization to one or more other amps, which can be mono or stereo. A line out from amp #1 is plugged into the G2 Post Preamp Input, with the Main Output returned into the ARACOM 18-watter as the wet head. From the basics and why, to specific effect settings and how. Quite frankly, it sucks. Most orders are eligible for free shipping. PCL805 Tube Low Voltage Stereo Preamplifier - Electronics Projects Circuits The lamp used in the project is PCL805 tube. May 26, 2017 - Schematic diagram of Boss CE-2 chorus guitar … My previous rig is a H&K zenTera. 1/4 inch aux base for guitar connection piece of perf board. Chris Squire of YES - Our 2013 Interview with the legend . Sound is so brilliant and perfect combination to blues it just makes my sole sing. I have never played live with a stereo set up before. What I’ve wanted H&K to build for a very long time is a large stereo combo amp much like the zenTera but with tubes. I started out with a pair of original BFDRs and a Chandler SDE. Interview Rockstar Interview! And yes, probably only viable for gigs if you’re playing stadiums and have an army of roadies . And, while the big version remains famously frill-free, Marshall has equipped the SC20H with an effects loop and direct recording output making it … I am trying to figure the W/D/W now, but mix in a bit of dry into the wet, as wet is all or nothing when switched off, but still retain the clean signal the split personality gives on 2 amps. The 2017 Gear Interview. I’d love to hear any comments on this comment? From the “send” of the effect loop on the JMP-1, the signal goes into the CE-3. Like we often say on the Blog Of Tone, though, the old cliché is often true: less is more, and quality should always come before quantity. But the effect ain’t so marvellous than with stereo guitar. The idea behind this technique is to separate the dry signal (without effects) from the wet signal (with effects) so that they don't interfere with each other, while preserving the maximum presence. I have guitar rig 5 as a vst for that track and I'm using an amp sim in GR5 but when I use my stereo delay - in my pedal chain, the delay doesn't come out stereo, how do I enable the amp sim to be in stereo ? Get a custom drawn guitar or bass wiring diagram designed to your specifications for any type of pickups, switching and controls and options. Wiring Glossary Featured Interviews. Like the Gibson, it has trem and verb. From there, a single 1/4-inch cable delivers the signal to an amplifier or processor; if the guitarist wants stereo, the amp or a processor divides the guitar output into left and right signals. Incredible tube tones without speakers: why every guitar player needs a full range flat response (FRFR) amp! (Even though in the studio it’s typical to layer guitar track after guitar track over one another, distributing the fatness over the audio spectrum for maximum punch.). This works by using the "ring" connector of the stereo jack to complete the ground side of the active onboard circuit when the plug is inserted. Also, two amps with built-in (mono) spring reverbs will produce a nice stereo-ish reverb sound with both reverb tanks activated. From your diagram I do not think you need the mixer, a line out box like a HK Redbox should work and make things more simple. Sounds like a cool setup Rob, and we bet it did sound awesome! That might mean a stereo rig, or even the fabled wet/dry/wet setup. If your stereo has multi-band EQ, cut the high-treble band, but boost the mid-treble band -- to simulate a guitar speaker. The WET/DRY/WET wins even today by far! Telegram. I Use a mono tube amp for the main amp and then use 2 solid state stereo amps for the wet sounds. The GigRig - the home of great guitar tone! IMO stereo guitar rigs are all about you, it's purely for your personal enjoyment on stage because it just isn't going to translate out front at all. Tube amp sag and preamp vs power amp distortion explained, Get the guitar sound: AC/DC, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Steve Lukather, Seven simple but effective band soundcheck tips, Ohm cooking 101: understanding amps, speakers and impedance, 128 ways MIDI will change your life as a live guitarist, Seven top tips to help guitar players ace band auditions. If you've ever wondered why a guitar player would use 2 amps, how they use 2 amps, or you just want better guitar tone, this is the video for you! Read More . Understanding Guitar Wiring 3.5mm 4pole male audio jack 3.5mm female base. Amp 1 is the main amp that your guitar is plugged into: it creates the preamp tone you’ll be using. Thank you. By the way I can’t wait for the head to get here! While there are guitars that have a stereo output - like to pickups being sent to separate outputs by a stereo jack to two individual amps or one stereo amp - a stereo guitar rig is something else. There’s always going to be a way to do this… It’s just how you do it that can be a challenge We hope this advice is a bit helpful, but just let us know if you have any more questions Good luck…. It’s a great choice for anyone looking for a stereo recording amp, or the player who wants to confuse the drummer at practice. Part Six There are also tremolos that work in stereo, so they will ping-pong the tremolo back and forth between the two amps,” explains Rooster. The next three pedals — PW-10, AC-3, and OC-3 — change the basic tone of the guitar. I do something similar on a smaller scale – I use a Morley A/B/Y splitter to send clean tone directly from my Tele to the clean channel of a Teal Stripe Peavey Bandit, run the other output to my pedal board, and then run the stereo outs from the last effect on my pedal board (CE-3 stereo chorus) to the inputs of an Orange Micro Terror on one side and a Marathon MX-11 on the other side – so 80 watts clean power sided by 20 watts stereo trimmings on each side – it sounds pretty good in the man cave. I can switch the dirty side on and of with the tuner and control the clean side with the volume pedal. And yes, the chap in the picture still works for the company, and yes, he’s still smiling today.”. by bosone » Sun Dec 22, 2013 10:42 pm . All of this I am able to achieve with one Line 6 Helix, one volume and two expression pedals, three amps and a bunch of cables…sometimes I even throw in harmonizes etc. Pure, mono attack all the way – it’s a tried and tested method of bringing crowds worldwide to their knees!

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