The worst part is that more than 500 people are said to have committed suicide in this forest. Northern Lake Baikal – Russia Which are the weirdest places in London? How to reach: Fly to Santiago and then take an internal flight to Balmaceda. Best time to visit: December to February While most of the land mass on our planet has been explored, there are still entire worlds under our oceans left unexplored. Don’t forget to take your friends along. Suggested Read: 28 Offbeat Honeymoon Destinations In The World For 2021 You’d Have Never Heard Of! Planning your holiday but confused about where to go? Suggested Read: 10 Best Beaches In Vietnam For Some Sun, Sand And Surf! The Waitomo Glowworm Caves are full of wonders and some of the most beautiful in the natural world. Location: Ladakh, India The 10 most beautiful places to visit once in lifetime. A section of industrial railway in Ukraine, this green leafy tunnel seems like something out of a fairy tale. Hire a tour guide and trek these mountains to marvel at nature’s wonders. Politically, this island is a part of Australia. VK. 20 Mysterious Places In India To Visit In 2021 More Bizarre Than The Bermuda Triangle, 10 Scariest Roads In India That Are A Driver’s Nightmare, 83 Places To Visit In India Before You Turn 30 in 2021. However, it is a quaint waterfall located in Shale Creek Preserve, which is a section of Chestnut Ridge Park in Western New York. Suggested Read: 10 Castles In Germany That Look Straight Out Of A Fairytale. Don’t wait. Totally one of the strangest places on earth. Digg. Lake Nyos, Cameroon As global warming is on the rise, there is a chance that these ice caves might be affected. Nature can do bizarre things, and there are some seriously strange places that feel out of this world. The falls divide the river into the upper and lower Iguazu. You will be amazed at the power this sinkhole exudes. Nisarg Can't Stop Praising His Honeymoon Trip To Maldives. 4. Grand Prismatic Spring – Wyoming, USA We promise you will change your mind after you find it in every Oregon travel guide and when it you see it for yourself! It is known for being a favorite place for couples to take morning or evening strolls. By codym. Snorkeling in Silfra Rift is one of Iceland’s awesomest experiences. Best time to visit: December to May This is essentially a tiny stretch of road on a hill that lies on the Srinagar-Leh highway. nextText:">", 3763. Counted as the most weirdest places in the world, the river bed is covered by a unique species of plant, and that is what turns red. Came across any oddly-shaped pine trees outside Nowe Czarnowo near the town of Gryfino, West Pomerania? A remarkable beach that boasts of pitch black sand due to volcanic activity in the past. It is known for its high salt content, up to 40% in some areas. Here is a list of the top strangest places in the world: If you don’t, you can train with certified instructors first and then take a dive into this beautiful black sand beach. Make sure to come here with your friends and get a photograph for your Instagram. You will find numerous weird places in the US in terms of their architecture, nature, spook level and quirk. By Cailyn Cox Jan 05, 2019. It is a sun-blackened dead forest in a white clay pan which is basically a dried oasis. In fact, the Hollywood flick The Forest is entirely based on this forest itself, the story in that movie explores the spooky nature of this very jungle which is said to have been haunting people for a very long time now. How to reach: Fly to Taylor Valley and hike to the waterfall with a guide. Best time to visit: April to October How to reach: Take a train or bus from anywhere in Myanmar. Its people, its nature, its places―everything is strange and beautiful in its own right. From here, book a local tour of the national park which will cover the land transfers to and fro. People who have entere… Suggested Read: 10 Things To Do In Bahamas For Tasting Thrill And Soaking In Bliss Like Never Before! 3.'data-link'), layer.attr('data-target')); el.before(cloned); 12 Things To Do In California: Indulge In Activities That Treasure Forever, Magnetic Hill In Ladakh: A Handy Guide To Unravel This Mystery In 2021. Go ahead, visit it. You have to find your way in and out of this site. Heard Island, Australia Source One of the most unexplored places on the Earth, Heard Island lies between Antarctica and Madagascar. }; This ride is about. The ever changing light and moisture levels affect the yellows, reds, golds, and blacks. Only a few pink sand beaches exist in the world. How to reach: Take a taxi or drive a hired vehicle to Tayma oasis from Tabouk. Behold them and get lost in the divine wonders of nature. Eerie places can be found all over the world; most of us probably live near one. Suggested Read: 7 Alluring Museums In Oregon That You Should Not Miss If You’re A History Buff. Best time to visit: December to April Image Source Suggested Read: 15 Adventure Sports In New Zealand That Will Make The Thrillist In You Super Happy In 2021! Best time to visit: May Chamarel Earth – Mauritius. Cenote In Mexico: Get Ready To Celebrate Those Exotic Vacay Vibes Here, 20 Best Places To Visit In Peru For An Incredible Holiday Experience In 2021, Cherry Blossoms Are In Full Bloom And So Is The All New Spring Flower Cruise In Japan, 10 Best Festivals In Poland That Showcase Its History And Traditions In 2021. The Crooked House, Poland. One of the most weird places in the world, located in the Green Lake in Tragoess, this is not just a gimmick, but a genuine park that goes underwater during spring. Constructed in the 19th century is famed for its unique construction accuracy, with the bridge and its reflection merging into a complete and perfect stone circle, no matter where you see it from. How to reach: Fly to Chihuahua and take a bus or train to Naica. Don’t believe us? A small item at the waterfall’s base emits natural gas. It is considered as one of the most fabulous waters to dive in around Europe due to the rarest natural phenomenon in one of the most beautiful lakes in Austria. The result of an ancient volcanic eruption, these are perfectly straight rocks jutting out of the sea. The Ultimate List Of The 35 Strangest Places In The World. It’s a rare sight to gaze at and the mammoth 12-feet high boulders are scattered around in the most peculiar formation, which makes them even more bizarre! These tall limestone structures have cropped up over an area of around 100,000 acres and make the whole place look like a “forest”, thus the name! Bermuda Triangle 2. How to reach: From to Male and take a speedboat to Vaadhoo Island. How to reach: Fly to Vienna and take the train to Bruck an der Mur using the OEBB. 7. Q. How to reach: Fly to Bogotá or Villavicencio and take an internal flight to La Macarena. Best time to visit: May to October }); How to reach: Take a train to either Xian Railway Station or Xian Cheng Dong Coach Station and take a bus to Huayin. How many of you are already done for them? Intercourse, Pennsylvania You just need to know how to find them The flame is fueled by natural gases and burns bright right under a waterfall. After this one of the single inhabitants hung them from the trees for some creepy reasons. Theorists say that it could be alien-made. June 17, 2016. The Marble Caverns of Carrera Lake have amazingly smooth and cool caves of marble. Top 20 Strangest Places in the World – Part 1. Which is the most interesting place in the world? Lake Natron, Tanzania Though the beach faces erosion now and then, the rocks refuse to change their structure and remain firmly cemented in the ground. Spotted Lake Khiluk is the most mineralized lake in the world. The thousands of layers of sandstone and limestone accumulated on the ocean floor has given shape to these stacks of pancake-like rocks. Check into the oldest prison in England, the Clink Prison Museum and discover the historical graveyards – The magnificent Seven, where famous historical figures like Karl Marx are buried. }); Make sure you embark on a holiday to Saudi Arabia to catch a sight of this natural structure. Ever seen a lake that’s pink in color? Suggested Read: 9 Coolest Things To Do In Peru In 2021 For The Adventurous Souls. How to reach: Fly to Yulara and take a taxi, hired vehicle, or bus to Uluru. If you’re planning to surprise your significant other on Valentine’s day, ditch the usual trip to Disneyland and book your trip to Ukraine. Q. Keep a lookout for the weather. How to reach: It’s a 30-minute drive on State Highway 1 from Moeraki or Hampden to Koekohe Beach. var layer = $(this); You will be taken in by shock, awe, surprise; in a nutshell, the entire spectrum of human emotions. Here we've picked 20 weird places around the globe. 13. Animals that die in this African lake are turned into statues, through calcification. The Die Rakotzbrück bridge is another strange places and comes under the weird places in the world. If you know how to swim or snorkel, you will have the time of your life here. The sand at this beach is pink in color due to the presence of certain minerals and plankton. 8. Location: Peru Suggested Read: 13 Popular Food Festivals Around The World For Your Unconditional Love For Food. After all, the scuba divers do need to rest and relax. Twitter. If you want to know about the attractive world and its nature, you live in, or you are curious to know about the mysteriously good-looking and strange places, NaturesRim is your perfect spot to be. You may remember the Nazca Lines reference from the movie Indian Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull where they played a huge role in enabling the explorer-cum-professor where the hidden city lied. A favorite place for deep sea divers, and definitely one of the strange places around the world situated underwater. Manaus, Brazil Angkor Wat How to reach: Fly to Arizona and get to North Coyote Buttes permit area by bus or taxi. How to reach: Fly to Reykjavik and take a taxi or hired vehicle to drive to Silfra (one hour away). Who is up for it? Learn more about the mysterious Bermuda Triangle, Stonehenge and incredible pyramids of Egypt as we tour some of the oddest places on the planet. How to reach: Fly to Namibia and take a bus or taxi to Namib-Naukluft Park. 9. Suggested Read: Bungee Jumping In New Zealand: Feel The Thrill At These Places And Satiate The Adventure Junkie Inside! Displaying a brilliant example of the masonry and creativity at that time, these Easter Island heads are some of the earliest examples of prehistoric art, many others being cave drawings and the like. Jordan Travel Tips: 10 Things To Know Before You Start Packing, Dead Sea In Jordan Is A Traveler’s Paradise In The Middle-East, 4 Elegant Hostels In Beirut For Those Who Love To Travel Light, Top 10 Cafes In Arizona You Should Visit For A Foodilicious Vacay In USA. Image Source This mammoth structure has been growing underneath Mexico for more than 500,000 years. How to reach: Drive from Wailea towards the Grand Wailea Resort in Makena. Locally known as the Seven Strong Men of Russia or The Little Mountain of the Gods, these behemoth stone pillars, created by frost and snow over many years, are a mystery as yet unsolved by science. As explained in the movie itself, these only make sense from the skies (a plane!) The best time to visit this place is in the months of July and October. Best time to visit: April to October Don’t forget to get your camera with you. The tourist footfall seems to be only increasing after the sea was featured in far and few Bollywood and Hollywood films. 27 Best Places For Bachelor Party In The World In 2021 For A Perfect Stag Night. Top 10 Strange Places in the World. From here, take a train or bus to Orchard Park where the falls are located. Magnetic Hill in Ladakh, India, is known to be one of the most unique places in the world where you can experience a truly unusual phenomenon. The locals believe the rocks have been formed as a result of tremendous mineral and sediment accumulation around this area which eventually fossilized. What makes Jellyfish Lake stand apart from the rest is that it contains jellyfish. Did we miss out on any? No problem! $('#metaslider_57769').metaslider_scale_layers({ Here we come to you with the list of 10 most incredibly super awesome places to visit around the world, before you die. Share Share Tweet Email Comment. Best time to visit: March to June One single, gigantic rock, which is a mountain in itself. While the rocks surrounding it eroded, it stood its ground to become the longest surviving Monolithic rock structure. Burj Khalifa. var metaslider_57769 = function($) { In the summer months, this Colombian river turns red. Maglev Train China Is Planned For 2021 But The Driver Is Not. The Hoia forest is situated in city of Cluj-Napoca, Romania and is considered to be the world’s most haunted forest. The next point in these top 10 of secrets of the world is the tragic death of Marilyn Monroe. Suggested Read: Cenote In Mexico: Get Ready To Celebrate Those Exotic Vacay Vibes Here. Bermuda Triangle Do you get extremely excited about jungle safaris and walking tours of the national park in general? You will not regret a visit to this destination. slideshow:false, This sailing stone had immediately been recorded and the locals began further study so that they could learn more about this mystery. The uninhabited Mexican island of Xochimilco has eerie and roughed-up dolls hanging up on the trees.

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